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Monday – 18th October 2021


9:00 Brand impact with podcasting

Josie Colter | TEDx London


10:00 The USP is You: Build your personal brand

Timea Kadar | Francis Cooper


11:00 Capture prospects who qualify themselves with quizzes

Steve Auchettl |SMA Digital


12:00 Creating engaging Instagram reels

Jennifer Lynn | Black and White Marketing


13:00 BREAK


14:00 Marketing strategies on Amazon

Kerra Conroy | Smorgas Box


15:00 Tik Tok: How I gained 160,000 followers in 6 months

Isaan Bhimjiyani  | 6th form student


16:00 Learning from Moonshots: Four practical lessons

Amrit Dhir | Recidiviz Org


17:00 Business Leaders Family – Hosted Networking

after a short introduction round, we discuss wins, lessons, challenges

Tuesday – 19th October 2021


9:00 Why care about PR? What is it and what is it not?

Sally Maier-Yip | Next 11K Consulting


10:00 How to make your ad imagery more inclusive

Dr Haseeb Shabbir | Huddersfield University


11:00 Leverage your data to make your revenue predictable

Martin Zeman | Palladium Digital


12:00 Be visible and searchable locally on Google

Joyce Ong | Marketing Tech


13:00 BREAK


14:00 Use the right sales process to support marketing

Mike Manaley | The Barefoot Broker


15:00 Be the top-rated agency on Google with reviews

Johnny Flash | Johnny Flash Productions


16:00 Behind the scenes of ConvertX

Laura Nahr | Francis Cooper


17:00 Connect with Stories Workshop – Hosted Networking

we share out stories based on story ideas

18:00: Laura Nahr Concert