Get Going on LinkedIn in 3 hours

LinkedIn is like being on the cover of the most popular magazines. For free. Every day.

It has lead to hundreds of connection requests, direct work and speaking enquiries not just for me, but for many of my clients. Being active on LinkedIn is not purely an option any more, but a must.

Good news is that it’s never late to start it, give me 3 hours and we fix everything. Strategy, tactics, implementation, and you’re ready to go.

“I need to work on my LinkedIn.”

How many times have you said that? Presumably, as many times as you finally put it on hold.

This equals to a lot of missed opportunities, prospective clients who could have been converted, previous clients who could have re-engaged, people who could have seen your expertise.

I work with business owners like yourself, who have massive expertise but find it hard to spend time on social media and write posts regularly.

During this 1-2-1 LinkedIn consultation, we spend a half day only on your profile. and we put everything into practice.

Getting connected

No-nonsense, easy to follow tactics on how to grow your connections and audience

Profile Optimisation

We update your profile to make it clear for connections what benefit you give them

Finding the right leads

How to target people who can be potentially interested in your post and service

Getting connected

Connection request and follow up messages you can send to reach a high response rate

Writing exciting posts

Writing the actual posts you can copy and paste in the weeks going forward

LinkedIn growth strategy

Post templates, and ideas you can easily follow to create as many posts as you like.

A Free Content Treasury

You get everything you need to start your LinkedIn activity on the same day of the meeting, and I hold your hand even after that.

You get my 50 Ideas on What to Post file for constant inspiration, and if you have a question in the future, I’m happy to help.

Why Timea?

I’m Timea Kadar and I have been working as a content marketer for 19 years, planning strategies and writing articles and posts that have an extraordinary number of readers.

I spent thousands of pounds to study the LinkedIn platform specifically and then tested several techniques for years on my and clients’ profiles.

Today I reach 2-4,000 views with each posts, several likes and comments, which lead to quality enquiries and an increased conversion rate of business.

What you get out of the consultation

You will know what to do to grow and engage your connections. You won’t be left alone to do it later, but we put everything in practice and you’ll be ready to go.

You’ll be more confident with LinkedIn and more importantly, you’ll be able to post regularly to a growing audience – even if you hate writing. You’ll get a lot of compliments, attention, and leads.

See what other clients said after the consultation.

“What we got was a full-on strategy and tactics for creating engaging content and making intelligent comments on other people’s posts.

Everything Timea shared is very actionable and covered all the bases of where to find inspiration for content that people will actually want to read and interact with.”

Katie Glen, Consultant Hypnotherapist

“First-class professionally run course with practical tips to put into action straight away. You were an excellent host and included everyone in the group discussion with examples of what they could do to make it work for their own business.”

Caroline Somer, Somer Design

“An invaluable afternoon spent with you improving our LinkedIn profile and presence. You are a great listener!”

Jonathan Boyle, State Studio

“I learned how easy it is to connect.”

Pat Odje, PBelle Care

“Friendly and informal, good tips on what and how to post.”

Rachel Jarvis, ActionCOACH

Katie Glen

Business Therapist, Katie Glen Consulting

Happy clients

Thanks to our clients for their trust

Answers to Your Questions

What is your investment?

I manage client’s profiles for a monthly £700, but I realised that a lot of business owners are very good at managing themselves after the right training.

This is why I developed this half-day consultation, where we actually write everything in advance. for you. Your investment is £250, a one-off fee (no VAT), to be paid 5 days before the consultation the latest.

Where and when is the consultation?

As it’s a 1-2-1 consultation, we do it where and when it’s convenient for both of us. I have AM and PM sessions. A consultation lasts 3 hours.

I am flexible to do it in Central London or via Skype. Please email me to book an appointment:

Is it for beginners or for pros?

As it’s a 1-2-1 meeting, I always tailor it to my client’s needs and you can ask as many questions as you like. We can start from ground zero, with no profile, but writing the actual posts will help pros too.

How do we make sure you keep going?

What you get during the workshop is not just a plan but actual posts and messages you can copy and paste going forward. Plus you can join my What’s App group where I share regular tips, ideas for members to use, and a gentle push to keep you going.

What’s next?

Please email me to book the consultation (or to ask questions):

I’ll ask you to make a bank transfer of £250 five days before our consultation the latest.

We meet for our consultation, and then you’ll be added to my Keep Going on LinkedIn What’s App Group where I make sure you stay motivated and keep posting.

Which industries is it for?

LinkedIn is like your business card: you need to have it. The industry doesn’t matter, I’ll do my research, get to know your USPs, and make sure these shine through your profile and posts.

Book the meeting

Or ask questions: