Unlimited free marketing support for business owners

Like having a full-time marketing consultant whenever you need them.

Individual feedback

We review your sales page, post, price strategy, and give feedback tailored to your specific business. 

Fun networking

It’s not your average networking group, but we organise fun games in the group whick makes it fun to connect.

Club events

We have seminars and events on specific marketing topics to help you be successful with that. 

Hello! I’m Timea.

Founding Director, Marketing Club London

Are you a small business owner who is involved in the marketing of your services? You don’t have to do it alone! I founded Marketing Club London to help entrepreneurs like you be successful. I have 19 years of experience, with thousands of campaigns, and millions of pounds generated in revenue. If you have questions like:

“How to position my company and services?”
“How can I get readers on my new blog post?”
“My sales page doesn’t convert, what should I do?”
“How to sell luxury products to high-end customers?”
“What is the structure of an effective, winning sales letter?”
“How to use Instagram for my business?”
“What is the best price strategy to follow for my business?”

Throw them in the group and you get answers from me, and can also see how other business owners solve it. Join the group and you can evaluate your marketing activity with my test.