marketing megahits festival 2020 & 2021

22 blockbuster talks by speakers from Adidas, Barclays, NatWest, Chelsea Corporate, LinkedInLocal

All the recordings of the 2020 Festival and entry to MMF 2021

Brilliant lineup including speakers from

Adidas, #LinkedInLocal, NatWest, Chelsea Corporate 

The latest marketing trends in the five most important areas

Know the how

Each speaker talks about one specific marketing technique, and shares the how, the tips and tools that you can use from the next day. Proven techniques that will help your business grow. (You can watch the recorded talks as many times as want to put things into practice.)

Copywriting, Content, storytelling

Personal brand: LinkedIn, Public speaking

Building a media empire: videos, podcasts, webinars

Digital marketing: SEO, online conversions, PPC, Apps

Social responsibility in marketing

Digital storytelling in your business

Sophie Top | Adidas

Remarketing: the Swiss army knife of paid ads

Marius Lazarescu | Todays

Create a brand that people remember

Caroline Somer | Somer Design

How to make an impact and profit as a social enterprise

Nick Howe | NatWest Bank

High-impact virtual presentations to clients

Carrie Swift | Love Public Speaking

How to start a business podcast (all the tools)

Orsi B Nagy | ONB Consultancy

Use event marketing (even online) to build your audience

Gabriella Ferenczi | Pro Lingua Global

Follow these steps to improve conversion online

Nathan Lomax | Quickfire Digital

Start and grow your Youtube channel to get business

Kat Bhat | Digital Leopard

Unifying brand messaging across channels

Cathy Boyle | Tivity Health

Run an epic LinkedIn Local event

Anna McAfee | LocalX

Down-to-earth SEO any business should do

Anthony Barone | StudioHawk

Connecting the dots between in-store and online experience

Radek Stejskal | Adamapp

Use webinars to grow your client base

Ran Carmon | Chelsea Corporate

Sit in the front row

Skip the queue

🎉 Watch the 22 video talks of MMF 2020 as many times as you want and come to the live 2021 Marketing Megahits Festival with this pass

✨ Exclusive live shows included in the videos 🎷sax, 🎼 opera.

Extra bonus

Entry to a Connect with Content Networking Workshop (normally £29)

On top of the 22 recordings of the 2020 Festival and your VIP entry to the 2021 Festival, you’re also invited to a Connect with Content Networking Workshop (normally £29).

Come to a CONNECT WITH CONTENT workshop (outside of the Festivals)

You get three story prompts to work on.

You practice storytelling in your pitch.

You build great relationships.

You leave with three unique posts.

You learn about storytelling.

Be entertained by the best

Live shows

Maximillian the Magician

Maximillian Rendall | Magician
4.30 PM, 22 October 2020

On the Sax – Exclusive Lockdown Live at MMF

Daniel Donaldson | DanBlaax
5 PM, 21 October 2020

Three event businesses who recovered from the coronavirus crisis

These three fantastic business leaders had to see their businesses drop when the lockdown started.

But they didn’t drop, they kept on serving their audience. And for many of us, the Friday Rogue Opera Lives, and the daily DanBlaax Lockdown Lives meant a lot, kept us going, and they also kept going and refocused their businesses.

Rogue Opera Live Show

Bronwen Stephens-Harding | Rogue Opera
5 PM, 20 October 2020

All-in-One VIP Pass: £15 (instead of £59)

includes lifetime access to Marketing Megahits festival 2020 & 2021 + Bonus 

– You get access to the 22 video talks and 2 live show videos of Marketing Megahits Festival 2020 right after your payment

– You’ll get your invitation to the live MMF 2021 as soon as it is launched. (normally £15)

– You’ll be invited to a Connect with Content Workshop (normally £29)

Your smart questions

all answered

How is Marketing Megahits Festival 2021 different?

It’s an online event that feels in-person. After the talks you can get in touch with the speaker, you can exchange business cards with other delegates, tune in to exclusive live shows and join the cocktail party. You get access to the recordings of the 2020 Festival right after payment.

When is the Festival taking place?

It’s a 5-day event every October. 30-minute talks followed by a Q&A. You get access to the video recordings of the 2020 event and your invitation to the 2021 event.

Where is it happening?

It’s online but feels like in-person. Our venue is a virtual event software, which is very easy to use. You get access to the video recordings in a Closed Facebook group.

What if I can’t watch all the talks?

No worries. You will have lifetime access to the recordings, so you can watch them later (and show it to your colleagues or trainees.)

Who are the speakers?

CEOs, entrepreneurs, niche experts, professionals, and influencers who are happy to share knowledge and give value. Superstars from companies like Adidas, LinkedIn, NatWest Bank, and epic SMEs.

Who are the attendees?

Marketing belongs to everybody and at this event, we bring together CEOs from small and large companies, marketing experts, and social enterprises. All of them know that marketing matters.

What are the talks about?

We only invited speakers who we already heard and still remember:) We asked them to generously share a specific technique or case study that works and that you can adapt and use for your business.

What does it cost?

Your All-in-One Pass for the two Festivals (recordings from 2020 and invitation to MMF 2021) is a one-off £15. It also includes a bonus invitation to a Connect with Content Workshop outside of the Festival.

How to sign up?

Click on the SIGN UP HERE button below and pay by bank card. If you still have questions we haven’t answered (or want to pay by bank transfer) email us: