IKEA is often cited in marketing blogs for its marketing solutions and the legendary catalogue which many of us can hardly wait for.

This time I’d like to point out how they inject the essence of their mission during the whole customer experience. This time in the store while we are wandering around with the huge blue shopping bag – and potentially the family – on our side. IKEA’s core mission that they put a lot of thought into each product to make it an absolute star of our home, while at the same time making it very useful. This ‘confession’ by the designers displayed next to the product just does that: we learn how much energy and effort they put into this piece. Mixed with some exciting backstage info it highlights precisely in which ways it will serve the customer the best.

Mission statements are not for the CEO’s office

They stress the fact how many different viewpoints are taken into account before the customer is delivered the beautiful end product. It is much better than a simple product description, and tells us a story, makes their mission tangible and approachable.

A mission statement is not something that should be posted in the CEO’s office with some vague sentences nobody remembers. It should be a very down-to-earth articulation of why we go the office every day, why we work for, and it should be very clear to all our clients, partners and vendors.

Start by adding background info on how you come to an ‘end product or service’, how much effort you put into it to make sure the best outcome reaches your client. This kind of content is also great to be posted on social media, as it has a high engagement. People love supporting companies who care.

Copy and image by Timea Kadar, www.writefab.com Read my quotes about words on Instagram.