Be famous in your profession

Reputation Growth Club

You’ll find out how to be the go-to business in your industry. How to build a powerful and loyal network who are always passionate to recommend you. How to appear on TV, magazines, speak at events and have the reputation you deserve.

You’ll learn by doing: in the online Reputation Growth Club, I give you exercises on expressing your USP, delivering a memorable message, asking for the right referral.

You can try yourself with the community and plant valuable relationships and close-knit power teams, who naturally help each other in business.

I’m Timea, the Group Host. I have 19 years of experience in marketing and networking. I show you the blueprint of how I got to the top positions of big firms, speaking at sell-out events, having my own TEDx event and radio show. You can do the same. Join the group for FREE.

Have the reputation you deserve

A supportive and fun online group where you can be yourself and gain confidence by being able to easily talk about your business. I want to know your story, as I need speakers for my events and interviews.

Networking in a fun way

It’s not the usual ‘tag your business’ kind of e-networking, but fun exercises which teach you to easily say how you’re different, and make your client say ‘wow, that’s interesting!’.


Being visible

There is a clear blueprint which you can follow and be more and more visible. Being in the press, radio and speaking at conferences (even at TEDx) is not the privilege of some chosen ones. You can do it too.


Growing your business

As you have a supportive network who recommend you and your target audience can see you at key places, your reputation increases, you’ll have more business, more satisfied clients and even more business.


About me

My name is Timea, and I make brilliant women visible. I have 19 years of marketing and networking experience. Without prior connections, I could reach the top position at big firms and could make my voice heard at global meetings and conferences with several attendees. 

I know that a lot of people think that networking is a struggle – and it can really be one. But when done right, it’s a supportive net that keeps you on the surface and propels you high above.

I won the Silver Tongue Award several times for delivering the best introduction pitch, and I won two pitch competitions for investment. This is not luck, but a series of steps and techniques to deliver a memorable and powerful message.

I will not only show you this, but you’ll have a chance to practice your skills while making valuable connections.

Visibility is credibility, and therefore key to success. I show you what I did to regularly appear in the press, to have my own radio show, TEDx talk and later TEDx event with a full house.

Being famous in business means that when you are introduced to someone, they say: “Oh wait, I have heard about you, I am so happy we met.”

I know that commuting to networking events and joining groups can be a struggle and time-consuming – especially with a family – so this group is online. But not less real.

I also need brilliant women for my interviews, and events, and it’s always easier when I know the stories, and in this group, I’d like to find out more about you.

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No fees, no obligations. A lot of fun, support and results. Join today and see you in the group.