30-day LinkedIn Challenge tasks

Stats day

FB post: #Day1

Today we look at some basic stats to know where we are (please watch the video for help.
Today’s task:
  1. Go to your LinkedIn, click on View your profile
  2. Scroll down a bit to see your Dashboard (number of people who viewed your profile in the past 90 days, number of views on your latest post, number of searches you have come up in the past week.)
  3. Click on My Network and you’ll see how many connections you have
  4. Please share these numbers with us in a comment under this post (screenshot, or list these.
  5. Bonus task: go to this page and see how much is a post of yours worth? https://linkalyze.app/


Dream Connection Avatar Day

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Today we invite her the person you’d like to attract on LinkedIn, your Dream Connection Avatar. it’s one of my favourite days.

    • Please think of a person (now a group of people, not small business owners, now anyone and everyone). It can be one of your existing and ideal clients, or strategic partners.
    • Think of only one, I know it’s hard, but this is why it’s a challenge:) if we do the exercise, you will be able to do it again and again for other avatars.
    • Please describe him or her:
      • Name, age
      • Family background
      • Professional background, title
      • What keeps him/her awake at night (use first person
      • What makes him/her tick? (use first person)
      • Bonus task: what keywords does this person use when looking for a solution to his/her problem that you can solve.
    If you want you can add a photo or drawing, you can do it electronically too.
    Task: please attach the description of your DCA (Dream Connection Avatar) below this post in comments. I attach one I did.
    This will make all the tasks and all your LinkedIn Marketing easier, believe me. Let me know if you have any questions.
    In the below video I talk about why we do it, how to do it, show you an example, and show you two settings.


Headline Day

FB post:


Today we re-write the headline (and if you want, the name section.) This goes everywhere with you on LinkedIn and this should show your DCA why they should connect with you. In the video I talk about how to do it, why it’s important, and give you a few alternatives.
Task for today: please experiment with it (use your DCA descriptions for help), update the headline, and add it under this post as a comment. If you have questions, please add in comments.
It’s not too late to catch up with all the tasks, don’t give it up, you can do it. I’ll announce the prize for this week later today.
Have a great #day3!
A few options you can use for your headline (plus watch the video):
  • Helping/Teaching/Making/Sharing [Dream Connection] [achieve goal/solve problem] by [your specific solution]
  • Job title with niche (NOT founder, director, CEO!)
  • Results: Award-winning, Featured in Evening Standard, Author of
  • Mission
  • Question about their problem
  • Icons
  • Keywords