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VIP and Vegas

How to improve the content on website to make it more engaging

why we do it


  • Engage with visitors of the website and show them how your service stands out of the competition.
  • Direct traffic to the website
  • Main target audience: men in their 30s-40s before their wedding
  • Their dream: having the bachelor party of their lifetime, show off to their friends, but stay within budget. 


The website should highlight your quite clear USPs and selling points, these are currently not visible:

  • You know Vegas inside out, especially nightclubs, hotels and pool parties specialised in bachelor parties
  • Skipping the long queues at the clubs
  • Private host to help guests
  • Reserved table with bottle service
  • Bespoke itinerary and program based on budget
  • No cash, no obligatory tips, no rip-off
  • Best clubs, best DJs
  • You regularly check the places you recommend
  • The only thing guests have to do is to turn up at the airport
  • Free limo pick up



Structure of the website

(If you use Google analytics it is important to see which pages get the most attention.)

  • Homepage: main attention-grabbing headlines based on USPs, selling points, main services, testimonials, call-to-actions: ask for a quote
  • Services page: packages – not just as a description of the services but pointing out the benefits for the client, what it means for them, how cool that is, how convenient it is. It should describe their dream which they can make come true with the click of a button. 
  • Resorts: resorts described with demonstrating the vibe of the place, the feeling the reader will feel when stepping into the room, it should feel like being there. I like the fact that there are special VIP&Vegas suites, this kind of signature treatment should be present overall on the website.
  • Party scenes: the same as above about the style, more vibe, more benefit-driven copy. It would be great to add also here this VIP&Vegas signature treatment section, or your expert review.
  • Weddings (if you want to keep this page): I have the same comments as on the above pages: more excitement and vibe, not just description.
  • Testimonials: why others liked your service, with photos if possible. Testominals should be scattered everywhere on the page.
  • Request a quote: here the main benefits should be recapped, adding price guarantee and price matching offer. What will happen after they ask for a quote: how fast you get back to them, what the procedure is – obviously the main message is that it is the quickest and easiest way to their best stag. Call-to-action buttons should be scattered everywhere on the website to make it easy for people to ask for a quote anytime.
  • About: why the reader should choose you, how you stand out, expert background and personal experience. The background of Not Just Travel. Mission: organise the best stagy for men, without rip-off.
  • Blog: this would be excellent for generating traffic, educating website visitors on why this special knowledge you have is important and also for showing your expertise. This should be regularly updated and based on your own experience and also case studies from previous clients. ‘The five best hotels to stay in Vegas for a stag’, ‘How to skip the long queues at nightclubs’, ‘How much does a bachelor party in Vegas cost?’, checklists, what to avoid, what to look out for, biggest scams etc.
  • Contact: as is now, with call-to-action, who will answer them, how fast






  • Easy going, easy to understand, colloquial but professional.
  • Copy should be easy to read and capture on mobile: text broken down to small bits with subheadlines. Punchy, strong captions.


More powerful images are needed to show a dream bachelor party: partying people, reserved table, nightclubs. 

Photos of the nightclubs, parties, people, hotels etc are needed.


Would you be ready to present this activity as an expert yourself? It would give you this ‘I am one of you’ status combined with your expertise which is a powerful self-brand.

You know the place, love the environment, the clubs and can organise a completely bespoke and one-of-a-kind experience – as if you did it for yourself.

How to target more traffic

Other communication channels


You have a good Instagram profile with quite large following and engagement. It would be ggreat to go in with this as it there seem to be no recent posts here. If you could take selfies, photos during your visits, you could make the impression of ‘being there’.


Given your specific knwoledge and expertise in the area, you could contribute to the travel section of magazines and online blogs who always need  guest bloggers and writers who have actually visited the places. These could be Wedding magazines which is read by your target audience (or their bride). This is good for PR and links to your site.


Based You should have a youtube channel, where you show behind the scenes videos in clubs, pool parties, hotels, suites, casinos etc. These videos could also be used on the webise, Instagram, blogposts.


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