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Find here a variety of works we have done for our clients.

We have outstanding clients

in various industries from financial services to lifestyle and technology. We write content for their website, blog, social media and brochures that their audience reads, reacts to and remembers. This brings them new leads, clients and business. Have a look at what we did for them.
Bluecoat software

Fintech SAAS company:
Website and blog content

Bluecoat Software asked us to:

  • generate leads for demos of a practice management software from the website,
  • build a high-end brand including press publications
  • increase client engagement with content.

We invented the style and structure of the website, wrote and edited the copy, added blog content and the fact sheets for clients. We landed a two-page PR article in the printed version of The Parliamentary Review.

“One of Timea’s projects was to plan and write a new website for our company from scratch. I am very impressed by the thoroughness of her work and the amount of research she carried out. I am very pleased with the result, it perfectly reflects our brand and values.”  – Mark Skelding, Bluecoat Software
Hello mums

babysitter agency: online and offline content

Hello Mums is an award-winning babysitter agency in London. We were asked to:

  • refocus their mission and USP
  • better phrase and express who they are.

We brainstormed and identified an umbrella USP and broke it down to address parents and nurseries respectively. We came up with a company slogan (Happy Children, Happy Parents).

We worked on the copy of the website to leverage the new concept in the communication.

We were involved in wording the leaflets, and the stand for the Nursery World Expo.

“Timea has helped us to refocus on what we are doing and to better phrase and express who we are. We have all been very happy with the services provided, so we would highly recommend her to you.” 

Kate Wilson, Hello Mums

Gastro company

Web and brochure copy

mobile App

social media posts

Social agency


luxury travel site

blog and instagram

influncer agency

lead magnet

posts about marketing

linkedin posts

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