your stories™ 12-month content creation program for businesses

Do you struggle with talking about your business on social media? Do you find it hard to always come up with an engaging post in this noise? Is it difficult to include storytelling in your pitches?

You’re not alone. Thousands of business owners face the same struggles.

Storytelling is indeed powerful in business and in social media (22x more effective than facts), but it’s not easy to write them.

Fortunately, your stories are already written. By life. You just have to tell them. To create more powerful posts and pitches.

With the 12-month Your Story™ Content Creation Program (1) you get a Trello content calendar with ready-made posts, (2) we run content creation workshops to put this into practice. (Even if you hate writing, or don’t think you have stories.)


you get the how

Content calendar with 52 + 14 story posts

we make you do it

Weekly reminder emails


you can practice it

Connect with Content Workshops

your story™ 12-month content creation program

Enjoy as your stories unfold and everybody talks about you

In the Your Story™ 12-month Content Creation Program we give you all the tools and hold your hand to succeed.

  • You’ll get a Trello content calendar with 52 ready-made storytelling posts (+ 14 as a bonus) so that you only have to tailor it.
  • You’ll get a weekly reminder email with two posts from the plan.
  • You’ll get an electronic and printed version of the Your Story™ Content Recipe Book with all the stories from the calendar, and real-life examples
  • You’re invited to 8 Connect with Content Workshops where you can create your upcoming posts.
  • You’ll be part of the Your Story™ Facebook group to connect with others through your stories.

In 12 months you’ll create several engaging stories and posts for your content marketing, pitches, landing pages, and ads.

People will remember you from your stories and talk about you to others. You’ll get into the habit of creating content and will even enjoy it:)

The 5-pillar program helps you be confident when you tell Your Story™

The below 5-pillar framework is based on over 20 years in storytelling and 15 years in training business owners to use it. We (1) make sure you have everything to do it in practice, on your own terms, but (2) don’t let you slip back and do nothing, and (3) help you practice it with other business owners.


The backbone of the program is this 88-page workbook containing:

  • 52 story prompts (one for every week of the year)
  • 14 extra story prompts as a bonus (if you want to write more)
  • A real-life example with each prompt (to help you imagine how it works)
  • The 5 step framework of every good story (follow it to write your stories)
  • A practical guide on where and how to use stories in your business communications (much more times than you could imagine)

You get it in an ebook version.


You get a Content Calendar in Trello with a read-made post for each week (the same as in the Workbook), you just have to tailor it and post it.


You’ll get all the story prompts right away and can work on them at your own pace. BUT we want to make sure it doesn’t get forgotten, so you’ll get a weekly email with 2 story prompts of the book. This way you’ll always have storytelling at the forefront of your content marketing, and you get into the habit of using it.


You can use the prompts to write your social media posts, and we help you practice these at the Connect with Content Workshops! You’re invited to 8 online workshops, where you get story prompts to introduce your business and connect with others. You can test how your stories work and use the ones you created in your content marketing for the upcoming month (no more searching for post ideas).


A supportive community who inspire you and keep you going. You can share your stories here and keep in touch between workshops. Members are business owners like you, so you can make valuable connections too. In the group, you get help if you have questions or need feedback.


Your Story™ Connect with Content Workshops to create your posts for the month

As a member of the program, you can come to as many of the 8 online workshops as you can in a year. Or you can come to the next one only, on 23 March, from 3PM.

  • you’ll get 3 story prompts and connect with other business owners by telling your stories (even if you have never done this before).
  • you’ll leave with unique content for your social media and pitches in the upcoming month
  • you’ll make some great connections who will remember you through your stories.

Even if you’re not a writer or a storyteller, you’ll find it natural. It’s only about answering a few questions and sharing stories that have already happened to you.

The next workshop is on 23 March, Tuesday, from 3PM.


It’s a story idea with all the questions you need to answer to create the story. You don’t need to be a writer to do that. Flip through the below ebook to find 5 free story prompts each with real-life examples, to see how it works. (Use these ideas in your content marketing in the next weeks.)

This is where the your story™ program takes you

From confused to confident in content creation

You might be confused or helpless about what exactly storytelling is and how to do it. You might be too overwhelmed to sit down and think about it.

The Your Story™ program is designed to give you all the practical help, without you having to put  a lot of effort into it.

You’ll see results, already after sharing the first stories based on the prompts in the workbook. Your posts will get a lot of engagement from people who will contact you.

As you go on and come to the workshops, you’ll be confident in sharing more and more stories, in your posts, and in your pitches. And you will experience the power of stories.


You can choose to sign up for 12 or 24 months. It’s impossible to run out of stories 🙂

The book has a storytelling content idea for each week plus 14 bonus stories. (You get it right after payment and can work on these at your own pace.)

The Accountability Emails, the workshops and the Private Facebook group membership go on for a year.

The 1-year program costs £348. For BNI members and their connections, there’s a 30% discount, which makes it £249 + VAT. For an extra £50, you can sign up for 24 months: extra stories, Accountability Emails, and workshops for another year.


Come to a CONNECT WITH CONTENT workshop to create your content and connect with others through stories.

  • You get three story prompts to work on.
  • You practice storytelling in your pitch and introduction.
  • You build great relationships.
  • You’ll have three unique posts for your social media for the upcoming month.
  • You learn about storytelling.

The Your Story™ Content Recipe Book and the Accountability Emails are not included. It entitles you to visit one workshop.

The next workshop is on 23 March, Tuesday (3-4.30 PM GMT), the fee is £29 + VAT one-off.

Smart questions you might ask now

If you don’t find the answer, let me know:

Who is the program for?

It’s for business owners, entrepreneurs who want to communicate their USPs, who need content for their social media, and who introduce themselves in pitches.

Do I need to wait for 12 months to see the results?

Not at all! You get the e-workbook on 8 February with 52 + 14 story prompts. There’s one for each week (and 14 bonuses), but it’s up to you how many you use at once. So you can see results already on day one if you publish your first post! Practicing storytelling at the workshops will help you get into the habit.

I have never written any stories, I’m not a writer, will it still work?

Yes, as we don’t expect you to come up with fictional stories. The prompts and the questions will help you tell the stories that are already written by life. (Most probably you talk about these anyway if asked.)

I’m an experienced writer, will I still benefit from it?

Great to hear, we are colleagues then:) I love storytelling and use these prompts to get the ideas. Accountability and the networking bit will also be a great benefit for you. Plus I’m sure you’ll be a great inspiration to others.

What is a story prompt?

It’s a story idea, which makes you think of a certain situation in your business. Answering a few questions, you’ll be able share certain episodes of your career or your business that your audience can engage with. If you scroll up, you find 5 story prompts on this page.

How does a Connect with Content Workshop look like?

It’s an online workshop via Zoom with other business owners who signed up for the Your Story™ Program. You’ll get story prompts with questions, and you can share your stories with others. This way, you practice it, get to know others and connect with them. You’ll also have enough posts for the upcoming month. The workshops will be held on a weekday, you’ll get the dates in advance. Each workshop will focus on different stories.

How much time do I need to invest?

It’s up to you. You receive the Your Story™ workbook right away with all the storytelling prompts, so you can work with these at your own pace, whenever you need a post or a pitch with a story. You get the emails to keep you going, and you need 1,5 hours per workshop (no preparation is needed). If you can’t come to one of the workshops, you still get the story prompts we work on, and can add your stories in the Facebook groups. So all in all, not more time than you would spend with writing a post.

Do I need storytelling in my industry?

Storytelling makes it easier for people to understand what you do, how you are different, and how you add value. It’s also easier for them to remember you, and refer you. Story-based posts always get a high engagement. So whatever industry you are in, you’ll be able to benefit from the program.


Choose your package below: the 12- or 24-month Your Story™ Program, or come to the next Connect with Content Workshop on 23 March. You get the workbook within a day after your payment and get all the information about the workshops and the emails.

Click on the Sign Up button and you can pay by bank card.

To sum it up: YOUR STORY™ 12-month Content Creation Program

5 pillars:

1. Content Recipe Book: 52 + 14 story prompts that you can use to tell your stories.

2. Weekly Accountability Emails to keep you going

3. Eight Connect with Content Workshops to meet others, tell your stories and create content for the upcoming weeks.

4. Private Your Story™ Facebook group to keep in touch between the workshops and be inspired by the community.

5. 12-month content calendar in Trello with ready-made posts for every week

The Program is brand new so I don’t have feedback on it yet. The below recommendations come from lovely people completing my copywriting course.

I have just completed Timea’s copwriting course with the London Marketing Academy and it was fantastic! Timea is really knowledgable and passionate about what she does and I learnt a lot of valuable information and insider tips and tricks when approaching my own content writing. Thanks again Timea!

Sarah Fryer, Bloom Marketing & Communications

Creative Director

I recently completed Timea’s two day copywriting course – brought online due to the current Covid-19 crisis. Timea is an excellent marketer and copywriter and presented a huge amount of valuable information to us over the two days. She tailored examples and exercises to our businesses so that I was actually creating the start of a larger content marketing plan as we went along. I can’t recommend Timea and this course highly enough for any entrepreneur or small business owner who wants to engage with their clients more clearly and consistently.

Bronwen Stephens-Harding, Rogue Opera


Last year I attended one of Timea’s courses and was incredibly impressed with the knowledge and effort put into her presentation, content and resources. Timea made sure that everyone in attendance was fully engaged, received individualised, comprehensive training and walked away with action steps.

Having attending other courses in the past, this was a refreshing change and an interactive experience, which allowed me to apply the techniques directly to my business. I left feeling both energised and relieved with a clear plan and strategy to move forward. Thank you very much Timea, I would happily recommend your skills and marketing brain to anyone looking to boost their business!

Steve Cook, Maplewood Property


The program lead: Timea Kadar

It was about 20 years ago when I first heard about storytelling in business. I love writing, so I was over the moon to hear that I can do what I love and I’m even paid for that! Since then I’ve experienced the power of storytelling several times: thanks to that I was featured in Forbes magazine, I could talk at a TEDx event, was invited to speak at high-profile events and won fantastic client contracts.

Writing a good story is not easy. The good news is that your stories are already written.

When I talk to you and ask you about your business, your background, your clients, you tell me amazing stories. Funny, exciting, engaging, stories that I remember more than the facts you tell me. So the only thing to do now is to write down those stories. This is what I’m committed to helping you with.

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This is the end of the landing page! But just the beginning of your Year of Storytelling. Join now and let’s get out those stories.