Exclusive events for highly recognised business leaders

“Please let me know when your next event is.”

Sure, add your name to the list.

In the past few months, several lovely people asked me to contact them when I have a new event. Because they attended one. Or because they missed one.

If you have been one of them, please sign up here for our Exclusive Event Newsletter, it only takes 30 secs (we won’t send any other news here, only about the events.)

“How are your events different?”

They are like having the best people over for a nice chat, knowledge share, new connections.

No big noise or crowd, but meaningful conversations, valuable introductions. At unique venues.

Our core values

'You first' mentality

We don’t do sales pitches but ask how we can help


knowledge share

We share information and learn from each other

quality over quantity

We appreciate value and are ready to pay for it

“Timea is a natural at leading a room of people, using good humour to get us all into the right spirit.

The attendees I met there were ideal for our business, I met a lot of passionate entrepreneurs who are successful in their fields and are open to working collaboratively.”

Rory Laughton-Scott

Recruiter, Career Coach at The Career Agent

“Who attends your events?”

Bright and generous business leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, professionals.

They are ambitious, committed, fun, helpful, lovely.

From all sorts of industries: advertising, finance, recruitment, law, retail.

You just love spending time with them.

And we all know that marketing matters in whatever we do.


Read why these amazing business leaders love our events

“Big congratulations to you! It’s such a success event last night! And I’m so happy to finally meet you in person, you’re so inspiring! 💕💕

I can’t wait to finish the book and apply what I have learnt. I look forward to seeing you at your next event!”

Germaine Thurgood

Brand photographer

“I just wanted to thank you for your hospitality on the boat, I really enjoyed it and despite “working the room” 3 hours was still not long enough to talk to everyone!”

Miles Phillips

Marketing Strategist

“Thank you kindly for your wonderful hospitality on Monday evening!
Your presentation was very interesting too and how great of you to share your slides. You make it sound so simple.
A sign of a true professional!”
Anette Akselberg

Master Tailor

“Wonderful gathering with wonderful people, in wonderful surroundings. It was really nice to meet again face to face and to get to know other like minded business people. The photos speak for themselves, really …”

Gabriella Ferenczi

Language coach

“Not another sales funnel!”

I get you. The Exclusive Event Newsletter will let you know ONLY about our unique events you don’t want to see in your LinkedIn feed thinking ‘Why did I miss that?!’. No other promotion, no blog articles, nothing else.

“Not even…?”

 No, just the events. You have no obligation to come to any of it though. And in the worst possible case, you can unsubscribe.

No more ‘Why did I miss that?!’s.

Sign up for the list and you’ll be among the first ones to get the news about future events. You can still decide if you can/want to come.

A selection of previous events

Events everybody remembers

We partner with unique and exciting venues to make every event memorable. A few highlights below.

Tesla Showroom: cocktail party and test driving

Apple, Regent street: workshop on keynote


Boat party on River Thames

Exclusive Networking at 12 Hay Hill Private Club

Hello! I’m Timea, Director of London marketing club, the host of the events

I’m quite a party face and know that a successful event has two pillars: the people and the venue.

I invite amazing people who are meant to be together. Who share the same core values and are likely to enjoy each other’s company. 

I take my role as a host seriously, and do my best that each and every guest has a great time and leaves with meaningful connections and ideas.

The venue is not simply a place to hold our event, but should be a memorable and unique experience.

It would be great to see you at a future event, please sign up below and I’ll let you know about it.