LEAD LinkedIn Strategy

That brings you business

What are the main LinkedIn user types, what to do to be seen as a leader on LinkedIn and to get leads out of it, how to build a strategy that you can easily follow? In this post, we are going to answer all these questions for you to make your LinkedIn experience worthy. (Below the article, you can watch my video on the topic.)

4 types of LinkedIn users 

Sales Pitcher 

This type of users is reaching out for you to sell their services from messages, sending you sales pitches or some quick call all the time. Sometimes they are even chasing you and we are all overwhelmed by this type of users. Aren’t we? 


This type of users is connecting with you on LinkedIn and then disappear. They never comment, they never post, you can’t engage with them because they are not there. 

Social Butterfly 

This type of users is closest to the best, we can say. They are posting, they have an opinion about everything, they post about everything not only their businesses. You know they are there however, they don’t think of the main goal of LinkedIn. They don’t have a strategy and that is the problem. 

LinkedIn Strategist  

This type of users is aware of what they are doing. They don’t spend too much time to search for what to post, how to comment. Because they already have a strategy and this is so rare. 

You should think of LinkedIn as a platform to grow your business. Therefore, the things you need to do on this platform shouldn’t be different from your real-life business strategy. For example, if you go to a networking event, would you go and directly talk about yourself? You should build a relationship with people on LinkedIn who either become your client or lead you to that. And generally, vice versa. So let’s dive deep into the LEAD LinkedIn Strategy. 

If you want to be a LinkedIn Strategist

Look at the 30-day LinkedIn Challenge here. A self-service one-month course to get you into the habit of using Linkedin and have business out of it.

LEAD LinkedIn Strategy

Link to connections

Engage with your audience

Assist others

Develop the relationship

Link to connections 

There are 2 types of connections you need to have on LinkedIn. The first one is just people you know. Even if they are not your target audience, even if they can’t become your clients they know people who know people. So if you are in front of them they may refer you. But make sure your profile is ready to connect! 

The second one is your target audience. In this group, you can build a strategy to connect with your clients or people who can lead you to them. Be mindful and strategic and connect with those who will be good for your business even if you don’t know them.

-Engage with your audience

So you have already connected with the right people, now it’s time to be in front of them. Which means, to post. You don’t have to and you should not post every day. We recommend you to post once a week or two. Let them see you. You can also set up events on LinkedIn, you can run webinars, you can set up your group, a page so they can engage with you easily. 

-Assist others 

You can start by commenting on other people’s posts so you can build a relationship with them. By doing this, you are also in front of their connections. Also, you can write a recommendation about your connections, which may be so helpful while you are building your relationships. 

-Develop the relationship

You are doing a business on LinkedIn so don’t be shy to act like it. Set up a meeting! Meet with those people you have already built a relationship with. Get to know each other, develop your relationship further. 

Content Cube for LinkedIn 

  1. Educate your connections on any subject
  2. Tell a story
  3. Offer something that will make your connections closer to you
  4. Testimonial 

Divide your month into four, so basically choose one of the contents above and post each of them for a week. 4 weeks, 4 contents. Set your monthly calendar and stay committed to it. Use text, photo, video or slides.  We promise you will get the results back shortly. 

The article was written by Timea Kadar, marketing strategist and trainer. Timea has been running LinkedIn courses for over a year and has helped over 500 business owners use it strategically and have consistent business out of it. If you want to build your LinkedIn strategy one task at a time, look at the legendary 30-day LinkedIn Challenge here.