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Marketing Bootcamp

Declutter your marketing in 6 months
Are you a small business owner and not sure which marketing tools to use? Have you started blogging, social media, email marketing just to be stuck by now? Or you don’t even know where to start and what works in your industry?

In 6 months from “I should do it.” to “I’ve done it.” 

During our 6-month Marketing Coaching Bootcamp, we not only brainstorm and plan a marketing and content strategy tailored to your business but also hold your hand to put everything into practice. We hold your hand to get from “I should do it.” to “I’ve done it.

What is a Bootcamp?

This is not a lecture that leaves you eager to start right now just to be overwhelmed by the daily to-do lists. This is not an outsourced service where everything is done for you but you never get the know-how.

During the Marketing Bootcamp, we train you to be the marketer of your company, who is able to plan a strategy and campaigns, do, measure and adjust them. By the end of the 6 months, you will know exactly what kind of marketing tools to use in your own business. You’ll know how to communicate, where to get clients from and how to engage and keep them. Plus you will have all the content prepared by you and reviewed by us.

All this in a well-planned structure and roadmap so that you avoid clutter and emergency.


We’ll stand by you!!

Like during sports training, you will not only have a trainer but also training buddies who inspire, motivate and help each other during and even after the Bootcamp, in a Mastermind group.

During the 6-month programme, you’ll hear lectures about the techniques, trends and background of marketing. Then we’ll have workshops where we brainstorm on how to make all of it happen in your business.

Finally, during the 1-on-1 consultations, your Trainer will help you put everything into practice. You’ll have homework to do, which we always review and motivate you to go ahead. Your Expert Trainer will be available full time if you have any questions or want a campaign to be reviewed. 

Your marketing roadmap in place

In the Bootcamp, we’ll cover the whole marketing mix to build a solid base and processes for your business. 

What is your product or service? How could we create a product-pyramid? What could be your entry product, your upsell and your premium offering? Are you sure your business model is the best? Is your pricing optimal, or could we increase your prices, could we create packages or a membership model?

How to attract leads, readers, clients? How to engage them and sell them more multiple times? How to get regular and good quality referrals? Should you blog and if yes, what? Which social media channel should you use and how to fill them with content if you have limited time? Is email marketing for you? But how to build a database after GDPR? 

Are you sure you maximise all channels to reach your leads and clients? Do you follow up your leads if they don’t get back to you (there’s gold in there!)? There might be some channels where you could find great clients and you have never thought of. 

You not only get an answer to all the above questions but we’ll create a step-by-step roadmap and process for your own business to help you make it happen.  

Your Personal Trainer: Timea Kadar

She has run more than 1,000 campaigns in the past 18 years for various companies in sectors like finance, travel, lifestyle, e-commerce resulting in millions of pounds worth of revenue. She has used all the marketing tools, has run several tests, so she knows what works and what doesn’t. Timea combines long years of experience working as Head of Marketing at large corporations like Aegon and Reader’s Digest with helping small businesses multiply their revenue. 

Her email marketing strategy resulted in the sales of thousands of insurance policies, with opening rates up to 76%. Blog posts written by her are read by up to 51,000 readers. She successfully pitched press publications including Forbes without prior contacts and is the author of a book about these techniques. All this knowledge will be yours and we hold your hand to put everything into practice

Timea is a regular speaker at conferences like the Digital Travel Summit in London County Hall, workshops organised by WeWork or by London Councils. She trains entrepreneurs, marketers and copywriters at beginner and advanced levels. In her marketing agency, Content Bonum Limited they currently help the marketing of 23 companies with content, strategy, mentoring and consultation, and recently won the Best Inbound Marketing in London Award.

In the Bootcamp, the most efficient elements of each service are combined to create an incredibly powerful programme. We will not stop until you have the process and tools to make the most out of your business.  

(In the picture Timea holds the Silver Tongue Award for the best business pitch.)

Timea’s message to you

Price, terms and conditions

You’ll have access to the whole 6-month programme with lectures, workshops, 1-on-1 consultations and mentoring from your Trainer for a daily £14 (!). The monthly fee is £431. 

We want to work with entrepreneurs who see the value in the Bootcamp – and can make use of that. A marketing consultation starts at £1,000. Outsourcing copywriting, content creation cost a couple of thousands, another few thousand on registering for conferences and workshops – and none of those is tailored to your business. We create a system and roadmap that will work so that your business reaches its highest potential. During the three months, you’ll have unlimited access to your trainer: you can ask us as much as you want and send us an unlimited number of campaigns and materials for revision and feedback. This is like having a dedicated senior marketing consultant for a daily £14!

What is included in the price?

  1. Gamechanging lectures on the strong bases you’ll build your strategy in the next months and years on. Business models, pricing, client acquisition, marketing psychology. Examples will be tailored to the business of the participants so no more ‘It sounds good, but I can’t use it.’ 

  2. Personalised workshops where we brainstorm on how all the above could work in your business. You’ll see actual steps and get homework to do.

  3. Bespoke 1-on-1 consultations dedicated to checking your progress, review your homework and set further goals.

  4. A strong Mastermind business group who progress with you and who inspire, motivate and help you. You can rely on their network, experience even after the Bootcamp.

  5. The experience of 18 years and more than 1,000 campaigns and tests done for companies like Aegon, Reader’s Digest, Erste Investment Bank.

  6. Unlimited access to your Personal Trainer: during the 6 months you can call or email your trainer any time to ask her for consultation, motivation or a revision of your content. (This in itself is worth the price of the programme.)

Where & When


Due to the large distances many of you asked to make it available online. Therefore the lectures and the workshops will be available via an easily accessible videoconference system. We see each other just like in a meeting, but we don’t have to spend time and money on travelling.

The 1-on-1 consultations will be fixed individually and will be done via Skype or personal meeting. 



The next Bootcamp starts on 20 September 2018 and lasts for 6 months so that your 2019 can start with a powerful marketing strategy that won’t fall apart. 

How much commitment is it?

The Bootcamp requires you to be committed to be involved in the programme and prepare your homework. You are not supposed to skip a lecture or workshop because the Mastermind group counts on you and you will not be able to progress and succeed. You have to do the homework otherwise there is no point in getting the next assignments. 

Date and time of the lectures, workshops and 1-on-1 consultations will be agreed with the Mastermind group. The programme lasts from 20 September to 20 March. 

Entrepreneurs I’d like to work with

I’d like to work with business owners, marketers who are hungry for success. You would like to step up in your business and you know that a powerful marketing system is a key to that.

You are tired of the clutter and are ready to work hard for this regardless of the part of the day, the weather or any other of your duties. Your industry, your current level of marketing knowledge and revenue don’t count now. 

Who is it not recommended to?

You don’t have to be afraid of not being fit as your application will be reviewed and we set up a powerful Mastermind group. We pick team members so that they are able to inspire, motivate and help each other during and after the programme with their experience and network.

If you click on the ‘I apply’ button at the bottom of this page you land on a quick survey. Fill it in and we’ll check your business and your goals and we’ll offer you access to the Bootcamp only if we are convinced it’ll be useful for you and the group. 

If anyone doesn’t get in, it doesn’t mean they are not eligible or are judged in any other ways. It only means that in that particular group, this particular Bootcamp might not be the best solution for them, it’s in everyone’s interest. 

What is our promise?

We promise you to get the most out of you and your business in the field of marketing. During these 6 months, we put all the techniques, tools and steps into practice so that you succeed easier afterwards and stop feeling bad about the clutter.  

Either you’ll do marketing in your business or you outsource it you’ll be confident in your marketing, you’ll have more clients, an engaged audience and a stronger brand. 

We’ll work hard to give you every support to reach that and expect the same level of hard work from you and from each member of the group. 

We have worked with them

Looking forward to your application!

To sum it up: from 20 September to 20 March we work with an ambitious Mastermind group. We “meet” at videoconferences: we hold lectures, workshops to plan the marketing and content strategy for each member. You’ll get homework which will be reviewed during the 1-on-1 consultations. Your Personal Trainer is available for you during the whole Bootcamp if you have a question or something to be reviewed. 

If you want to be in the next Marketing Bootcamp group, send your application by filling in the survey behind the below button. If you have questions, you can ask it there. We get back to you within 24 hours. 

See you soon.