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Amazing marketing. Done by you.

You are a small business owner. You are overwhelmed by the superficial – and sometimes contradicting – information on marketing you find on that net. You need some direction and feedback to be confident that you are going into the right direction. (ah yes, and before I forget: you don’t have a big budget and a huge marketing department.)

You know your business, your market, your clients the best. We teach you to do your own marketing, achieve amazing results and save on outsourcing.

Study tours to companies like Tesla and Apple

We make field trips to exciting companies like Tesla and Apple, where we can learn about the company, and see what we can implement from it in a small business.

We help you explore specific areas of marketing (VR, digital marketing, storytelling etc) and how you could use them in your business. (And yes, we have a lot of fun too!)

These events are excellent for networking too: we do it differently than most (we connect people who we know could work together.)

Evening marketing masterclasses

Join our evening masterclasses, which we designed to help you with very practical tips in a certain marketing subject (like social media, content marketing, marketing planning, copywriting etc).

These are 1-hour evening sessions with Q&A, followed by networking with other club members.

We meet at nice venues like Devonshire Private Club a Liverpool street.

We do it differently than most (and follow S.M.A.R.T networking.)

Free events

Members are invited to field trips to companies like Tesla and Apple, and networking marketing meetups.


Marketing Lectures

Monthly marketing videos from experts on topics like SEO, PPC, Copywriting, Design, Social media.


Online Support Group

It’s like having your own marketing department: in the group you get help and access to templates.

Hello, I’m Timea, the Marketing Director of your business

Timea Kadar FCIM, Founding Director, Marketing Club London

Are you an entrepreneur who is involved in the marketing of your services? You don’t have to do it alone! I founded Marketing Club London to help entrepreneurs like you to be successful.

I have 19 years of experience, as the Marketing Director of large corporations and the marketing consultant of smaller businesses. I also had my own travel tech startup which I exited from successfully.

I’m through thousands of campaigns, and millions of pounds generated in revenue, so I can predict what will work and what won’t in your business.

I have trained hundreds of small business owners like you to be better at their marketing and save on outsourcing (or know exactly who to outsource to, and how to brief them.)

I put all this experience, the winning templates and structures I have used in one place: Marketing Club London. As a member, you’ll have access to not only the knowledge but a supportive community who motivate you and hold you accountable for putting everything into practice.

Timea won Best Business Consultancy in London 2019 and Best Inbound Marketing Company in London 2018 based on her campaigns. She is a Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. She regularly speaks about marketing at prestigious conferences at ExCel, NatWest Bank and the County Hall.

Your Swiss Army Knife to marketing

London Marketing Club gives you the perfect toolkit so that you can be successful in the marketing of your business.

Exciting events, and field trips to companies like Tesla and Apple to see what entrepreneurs can learn from them (members go free)

24/7 feedback, support and motivation in the online Marketing Club group. (free for members)

Monthly Marketing Lectures on topics like Positioning, Describing your ideal client, The winning intro pitch, SEO, Social Media, Planning your content calendar, Get going on LinkedIn (free for members)

Networking done differently: we actively connect entrepreneurs we see could form strategic partnerships and help them find out how. 

A close-knit community: we are there for each other when a solopreneur feels too lonely. You throw in a question and get help in minutes. 

Copy-paste templates for email marketing campaigns, landing pages, press releases etc.

Books and workbooks of the Marketing Club Library

Presentations of Masterclasses (so that you don’t miss it in any case.)

It's like having your own marketing team

You have 24/7 access to other entrepreneurs, and get answers and inspirations from them, and from a marketing consultant with 19 years of experience.

Every month, we have a Marketing Lecture from an other expert on topics like SEO, Social Media, Branding.

If you have questions like:

“How to position my company and services?”
“How can I get readers on my new blog post?”
“My website doesn’t convert, what should I do?”
“How to sell luxury products to high-end customers?”
“What is the structure of an effective, winning sales letter?”
“How to use Instagram for my business?”
“What is the best price strategy to follow for my business?”

Come to our events, courses, use our templates or just throw them in the group to get an answer.


Change the game in your marketing.

You can choose between monthly direct debit or paying the annual fee (and save £80). Joining the club you’ll be able to save spending on an outsourced marketing service.

These are net amounts (subject to VAT).

I was incredibly impressed with the knowledge and effort put into the resources and making sure that all the attendees received full training and walked away with action steps.

Steve Cook

Director, Maplewood Property

Timea knows her subject so well and with her professionalism understands instinctively when her participants need that little extra assistance to enable learning to take place. I thoroughly it, and never felt I was being lectured to.

Susan Cave

Owner, Molyneaux Services

What we got was a full-on strategy and tactics for creating engaging content. Everything Timea shared is very actionable and covered all the bases of where to find inspiration for content that people will actually want to read and interact with.

Katie Glen


Welcome to the Club.

We put together the best ingredients when founding London Marketing Club: daily online support, networking with likeminded entrepreneurs, online and offline masterclasses, study tours and accountability. Please email to join for a month (£14.9+VAT) or for a year (£8.25+VAT), or write to us if you have further questions. 

Alternatively, please fill in this form, and we'll get back to you.

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