Designed for living. Built to last.

A home you long to come back to. Friends you love to show around. Family to host. Things you treasure.

We take pride in designing brilliant fitted furniture made of excellent wood. So that you have your home exactly how you want to.

Valued belongings to store. We create space for them.

Your dream furniture you think is impossible to build. A photo you saw in an interior design magazine. Or no idea at all how to solve the storage puzzle.

No matter how specific you are; our design consultant won’t stop until you say it is exactly what you need. We plan inch by inch, there is no awkward space we couldn’t fit into.

No mess. Just exquisite furniture.

Two things we strictly respect: deadline and budget. We put as much attention in installation as in the design and the building of your furniture.

You will see no trace of installation, no mess or dirt remains, just a gorgeous interior you’ll love.

10-year guarantee

Excellent customer service

No sub-contractors used

A home you love. Furniture you enjoy.

From the first consultation to the last handle we work to create the perfect fitted furniture to make you ‘wow’.

Hundreds of our clients appreciate our designers’ attention to their needs, the incredible meticulousness of our fitters and the excellent quality of the materials we use.

This is the least we can do for a home you live in.

Designed for living. Built to last.

We are so convinced of the high quality of the furniture we build that you are backed by our exclusive 10-year guarantee.

Whatever happens. Even if your children use a drawer as an aquarium (true story!), we replace it.

Everyone we dealt with at Proline was friendly and professional. These are people who take pride in their work and their products, and this made us feel v. confident working with them.


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